SimplyFair is for sharing and discussing what it’s like to be treated well in today’s world – experiences in which we’ve been treated fairly and satisfactorily. As we share them, we’ll get a sense of what it’s like to be living well, and not so well, in these times. With enough such examples, we could change our world, via a growing record of actual experiences for the better.

It is not necessary to be a member of SimplyFair to read and review our experiences, but membership is necessary to post them. That’s because we’re providing the experiences of real people in actual settings, not fanciful ones. It must be emphasized, however, that responsiblity for the accuracy of factual statements in posts rests with the member who makes the post. SimplyFair's moderator will exercise editorial oversight of the site (in an effort to insure its fairness), but the moderator is not responsible for misstatements that may be made in posts to which others might take offense. If in doubt on factual matters, we urge members to make generic, rather than specific, statements.  

 Membership is free initially; a modest annual feel will be added as site traffic builds. Membership includes the ability of members to post their profiles, access our growing data base, post and maintain personal blogs, and create an exemplary community.  

It’s a gritty world, and many of your experiences are likely to reflect that. But there’s a difference between worthwhile experiences and gripes. We’re promoting the former and discourage the latter. Experiences need to be our own, or those of people we admire, in actual settings. Specifics of time, place and identity, though, are not always appropriate, and we recognize that. Accuracy is always germane, however. This is a real world, not a fanciful one. 

We are not sharing to promote each other’s abilities or offerings, but to extend satisfying experiences and the potential for more of them. We are providing original, not borrowed, experiences and insights. These are ethical postings, above all. That’s what fairness is basically about. 

Participation in SimplyFair requires observance of these principles. If anyone feels that these principles aren’t being observed, please send the manager a private message expressing your feelings. We will respond promptly and personally. 

We exist to share experiences, not to build post counts. There are no limits on the number of posts allowed, except that they must reflect actual, varied experiences of you as a SimplyFair member. 

Our improved world is one in which people are treated civilly and respectfully. We expect the same in SimplyFair posts. Our moderator will have the final say in all such matters.