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Recent Fairness Focus Posts

  • Maid.jpg Oh my, here's Donald Trump being criticized by an evidently undocumented immigrant who works for him as a maid. “We are tired of the abuse, the insults, the way he talks about us when he knows that we are here helping him make money,” Victorina Morales says in a N.Y. Times post on Facebook. “We sweat it out to attend to his every need and have to put up with his humiliation.” – Hypocrisy  (12/7/18)

  • Climate.jpg ​As the climate change winds blow, and negotiators from 200 countries seek to abate them, the U.S. under President Trump is losing negotiating leverage. - Climate  (12/6/18)

  • Missouri.jpg ​From Kansas City, MO, comes yet another report on how state legislators flock to cut taxes on the wealthy. "That may sell during election years," says the Kansas City Star, "but it amounts to a gross dereliction of duty when it comes to fulfilling their official obligations." Indeed so. – Favoritism  (12/6/18)

  •  ​ Marshall Chin.jpg A professor of health care ethics at the University of Chicago Medicine is working hard to ensure that algorithms applied to hospital stays are working fairly in the interest of all patients. "Those issues are still hidden to most people." Right on! - Algorithms  (12/6/18)

  • Job Hunting  - 1.jpg  Forbes discovers a company providing help to job-seeking women on matters they either don't think about or may seem confounding, like signing bonuses or 401(k)s. – Women  (11/29/18)

  • Silicon.jpg ​Silicon Valley, observes the World Economic Forum, seems to be getting the word - fairness to consumers means slowing down and ensuring that "SLO", a social license to operate, is maintained. Witness Facebook. – Silicon Valley  (11/29/18)  

  • Life.jpg ​Americans have been cheating themselves on some pretty basic fairness indicators - like, for instance, life expectancy. For example, Sonam Vashi on WebMD notes that along the Virginia-Tennessee border the city of Bristol straddles the line, but "if you live on the Virginia side, you can expect to live 2 years less than your Tennessee neighbors." - Life Expectancy  (11/28/18) 

  • Homeless 1.jpg ​Tech billionaires are aroused over a proposed 'Homelessness Tax' in San Francisco. But what's "fair" to them, Gizmodo notes, isn't seen as helpful to the reality of the city's streets.  - Homeless  (11/5/18)

  • Layoffs1.jpg ​Economists believe a recession is on the way with employee layoffs likely. That being so, Forbes notes, "When the (research) feedback was analyzed, it transpired that fairness was crucial to how the layoff interview was judged by the individual being let go." - Layoffs  (11/5/18)

  • Ghandi1.jpg ​In a review of "Gandhi: The Years That Changed the World, 1914-1948" by Ramachandra Guha in the October 22, 2018 New Yorker, it's noted that "As Trump's trade wars, travel bans, deportations and denaturalizations demonstrate, an obsession with preserving what one has can quickly lead to depriving others of their human dignity." And that's unfair. – Ghandi  (10/30/18)