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Recent Fairness Focus Posts

  • 246717376_aa7e238d67_n.jpg To be fair, you've got to watch political rhetoric closely – as Americans for Tax Fairness does in parsing the Trump White House view of who benefitted from the President's tax cuts.  A White House statement said "more than six million workers received pay raises, bonuses, or increased retirement contributions thanks to the President's tax cuts." But ATF notes that "six million workers translates to just under 4% of the workforce". - Taxes  (4/23/19)  

  • Gavel.1.jpg Philadelphia's City Council is concerned that "failure to provide child care services for jurors, victims and witnesses can lead to a host of problems for the justice system.."  So the council is considering how to relieve this aspect of stress on the courts, which is surely fair. – Juries  (4/22/19) 

  • Juror.1.jpg Here's what too often faces prospective jurors: "The fairness of procedures, referred to as 'procedural justice,' impacts participants' and observers' acceptance of an outcome more than the fairness or favorability of that outcome, referred to as 'distributive justice.'" – Juries  (4/22/19)

  • Priest.1.jpg The editorial board of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette chides the Catholic Church for stepping back from its role in condoning sexual abuse by priests and issuing press releases, on priests and bishops individually –  "... the institutional church enabled abuse and now violates ancient norms of fairness for the sake of a PR bump." - Catholic Church  (4/22/19)  

  • IRS.1.jpg The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) doesn't seem equipped for dealing fairly with U.S. taxpayers. The Christian Science Monitor reports that "About 4 in 10 phone calls to the IRS go unanswered, staffing and budgets have declined, and the agency patches its databases together with software that dates back as far as the presidency of John F. Kennedy." This from IRS Commissioner Charles Rettig himself in testimony to Congress. – IRS  (4/17/19)

  • 190415-eilWarren- 1.jpgFor who and how do we cut taxes? This is a fairness question for all times, and especially ours. A 'Patriotic Millionaires' group says "Tax us more." – Taxes  (4/16/19)

  • Taxes.1.jpg ​​What are we doing to ourselves in economic terms? Something that's unfair to all generations, says a report on The Hill, "Why more tax reform is inevitable". Fairness relationships don't seem to matter, but should. – Tax Reform  (4/11/19)

  • Middle Class.1.jpg ​With all of today's distractions, it's important that we don't loose sight of what have been considered basic economic relationships, as between the upper, middle and lower classes. UPI reports that "the middle class is shrinking the world over due to stagnating incomes and rising education and housing costs." Its source: An OECD report: "Under Pressure: The Squeezed Middle Class." - Middle Class  (4/11/19)  

  • William Barr1.jpg ​U.S. Attorney General William Barr seems to be playing pick and pluck with the Mueller Report in determining how much of it will be made public and when. We always thought Americans can read for themselves, and it's only fair to give them as much opportunity as reasonably possible to do so. -  Mueller Report  (4/9/19)

  • Boeing.1.jpg In the wake of two Boeing airliner crashes, Travel Fairness Now, a consumer advocacy organization, charges that the Federal Aviation Administration and the U.S. Department of Transportation are "carrying out the airline industry's agenda while neglecting its/their own mission to protect American consumers and promote competition." The skies don't seem so friendly any longer. - Airlines  (4/3/19)