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Recent Fairness Focus Posts

  • Workplace.1.jpg ​Fairness: A key element our brains are looking for in workplace relationships. From  Forbes: "Fairness: The perception of fair exchange and impartiality." How's your work setting? – Workplaces  (2/22/19)

  •   Sla1.jpg ​​In a New Yorker article, Boyan Slat lives through what it would take to clean the oceans of plastics. Makes clear that the really fair thing to do would be to keep plastics out of the oceans – the environment – in the first place. – Plastics  (2/22/19)

  • Abe 1.jpg ​Much of the glory in Nobel Prizes is that you don't ask to be nominated for one. Yet the word is that the White House asked Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to nominate President Trump for a Nobel Peace Prize, which he did. – Peace  (2/19/19)

  • tax 1.jpgA letter writer to The Seattle Times nails it: "We must address the policies that enable a few to amass billions of dollars, while teachers, firefighters and others can't afford to live in the city in which they work." – Taxes (2/19/19) 

  • pay1.jpg ​Congressional Democrats have spent more than 20 years trying to pass the Paycheck Fairness Act. which would equalize the pay of men and women. Now 240 representatives have signed on to co-sponsor the bill as it's been reintroduced again. –  Equal Pay  (2/19/19)

  • schumer:sanders-1.jpg Workers should come before corporate stock buybacks, say Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and Vermont independent Bernie Sanders. They've proposed a bill that would require such a priority. "Our bill will prohibit a corporation from buying back its own stock unless it invests in workers and communities first, including things like paying all workers at least $15 an hour, providing seven days of paid sick leave, and offering decent pensions and more reliable health benefits." –  Workers  (2/15/19)

  • Cars.1.png Consider the fairness aspects of the existing subsidies for electric cars. Hasn't the market established itself?, Fox News asks. "The Fairness for Every Driver Act will end Washington's electric-car subsidies. According to the Manhattan Institute, eliminating the program now could save taxpayers $20 billion." – Electric Cars (2/13/19)  

  • Cassidy1.jpgNew Yorker writer reports on how President Trump's diminishing prospects for the sort of wall he's wanted along the U.S. southern border  are catching up with him. "Now Trump's the one lacking leverage. Having already folded when the shutdown damaged his poll ratings, his threat to cause another government closure isn't credible."– Trump  (2/13/19) 

  • Chicago1.jpg Yes, actions, or the lack thereof, have consequences. If things were peachy in Chicago and Illinois, we wouldn't find the editorial board of the Chicago Tribune lamenting what it's like to be living in its territory. "The release on Wednesday (Dec. 19, '18) of new census data about Illinois was alarming: Not only has the flight of citizens continued for a fifth straight year, but the population loss is intensifying. This year's estimated net reduction of 45,116 residents is the worst of these five losing years." Something isn't fair here. - Illinois (2/12/19)

  • Tribal.1.jpg Okapara Rice, CEO at Tanager Place in Iowa, writes about what it takes "in the fight to ensure all families have the opportunities to thrive...when the national headlines talk about historic tribalism as a country...We can debate differences, and we can strive to make sure the playing field is level for all."  – Fairness  (2/11/19)