Fairness at TMI, Back Then and Now

three mile island
Turns out, I’ve had an abiding interest in fairness since boyhood. Don’t know why, but at least since I had my paper route all those years ago, I wanted to be a reporter so I could go out, get people’s stories and tell them accurately.

That’s what I did for 20 years, principally on the late, lamented Philadelphia Bulletin. But then, in 1979, the accident at Three Mile Island Unit 2 occurred and, a couple of months later, a former colleague at The Bulletin called to advise that he’d just been named TMI’s Communications Manager, and did I want to come out to be its Media Relations Manager? He was calling on behalf of the GPU Nuclear Corp., which was being formed to apply the lessons of the Unit 2 accident on behalf of General Public Utilities, TMI’s owner/operator.

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San Francisco’s Digital Tides

People looking at San Francisco skyline from Twin Peaks
Recalling Jane Jacobs, The New Yorker recently had an article on San Francisco, by Nathan Heller, that suggested, not the life and death, but the life and tides of a great American City. Not so long ago, it seems, San Francisco was host to the beat generation, and they weren’t an especially upscale lot. Now, Heller notes, prosperous techies are dominating the San Francisco scene. The city has become an extension of the South Bay Silicon Valley area.

That’s got plusses and some decided minuses. San Francisco is becoming gentrified and residents who don’t qualify to stick around are being bought out or evicted. The city now has the second highest median income in the U.S.

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