SimplyFair is a membership community for sharing experiences in the interest of encouraging fair, engaging  treatment in our daily lives. Our aim is to strengthen the quality of relationships among people and the organizations serving them. The site's moderator, Doug Bedell, worked as a newspaper reporter and editorial writer in Philadelphia, then as the post-accident communication manager at the Three Mile Island Nuclear Power Station. His lifelong interest has been in informing people fairly and accurately.  

The site is based on the experiences of its members. Posted experiences can be positive or negative ones, but sharing positive stories will likely produce the greatest gains for all. Posting is done by real people using their actual names. While actual references (real names and places) are preferred in situations being referred to, posting can also be done in general terms. Nothing will be done with information posted to SimplyFair beyond what is immediately visible to members and visitors to the site.  

In addition to the posting of experiences, SimplyFair offers a host of other features, including blogging, emailing to other members, site-wide conversation (The Wire), and participation in member-created interest groups. Membership in SimplyFair is currently free. As our community grows, and becomes more complex to maintain, a modest annual fee will likely be added. (We won't be turning to advertising.) Only members can post to the site, but their experiences are available to all visitors in the Latest Experiences and the Categories. 

Contact us: SimplyFair’s community manager, Doug Bedell, can be reached at 8065 Gatehouse Lane, Cornwall, PA, 17016, or by e-mail at simplyfair@pa.net. Resource Relations LLC is his consulting practice in communication and public relations.