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Spammers In the Dust

    Douglas Bedell
    By Douglas Bedell

    Categories: administrators, technology

    I have a daily skirmish with spammers. How's that? Well, SimplyFair hasn't yet attracted many real-world members interested in furthering fairness. But it draws thousands of spammers, who, for whatever fiendish reasons, are interested only in cluttering the site.  Hundreds arrive daily and need to be deleted. We're winning. 

    In May alone, the last time i kept a detailed record, 2,411spammers  from among 50 countries or regions buzzed onto SimplyFair and had to swatted away like flies. The most were from Russia (it used to be China).

    The Elgg software with which SimplyFair was created requires that new members be validated before they can use the site, and I delete the spammers daily. None have ever broken through and never will.

    The annoying experience of dealing with SimplyFair's daffy spammers – most of whom use made-up names - has made me realize what a free-wheeling place the Web can be and how we all need to be on guard against intruders on our sites. Delete away!