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Furthering Fairness an Encompassing Aim has been in development for a couple of years. Now that it's operational, it's interesting to revisit the original notes on what a social network about fairness might be like. 

Fairness issues, we were thinking, arise when words, communication styles, presumtions or slogans misfire. When that happens people don't feel understood or treated fairly. This can happen in communication with teachers, spouses, employers, ministers, companies, politicians, coaches, administrators, physicians, utilities and a host of others. It's a rough-hewn world in communication terms, and fairness is by no means assured.

When unfairness occurs, feedback can be helpful, at least to soothe bruised feelings. Why was a given action or statement unfair, or perceived as such? It helps to clarify matters and reduce the "noise" that keeps people from understanding each other. That can take a lot of reflection and patience.

Stridency is not polity, we need to find ways to temper our times.  What's it like to be in an easy, honest relationship with someone? How is that achieved and maintained? 

A social network dealing with such matters could update the American scene and make its members partners in a highly worthwhile venture. That's how I felt about it then, and still do. Let's make furthering fairness in all its aspects our mutual vision!