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Fairness: An Encompassing Concept

    Douglas Bedell
    By Douglas Bedell

    Categories: community, education, government, legal, politics

    Fairness is a fine-grained concept, not, perhaps, in terms of its principles but in its application and context across U.S. society. That's what we're feeling as we post Fairness Favorites, like today's on fairness in the military, health care and the context of the presidential campaign.

    It's inescapable, actually, that we'll be dealing with competing definitions of fairness in given circumstances and settings. That's what makes the subject of how we treat each other a great focus for community discussion.

    We're having some difficulty promoting membership growth in Simply Fair. That's not related to the pertinence of the subject but probably to our formatting and promotion of it. Yes, SimplyFair is a busy site.  But we're covering fairness in all of its many aspects. We're giving our members the opportunity to discuss fairness whenever they've experienced it, or not, and wherever that's been. 

    That makes for a buzzing site. But fairness, indeed, is a highly applicable concept practically wherever you turn. Join us in explaining how and why that's so. Maybe we can help get the fairness scene more generally understood, with more consensus on how we all should be participating in it.