Morry Albertson

About me

    Born in 1927 and raised in Bellevue, PA (outside Pittsburgh). Finished HS in Havertown, PA, taught tank gunnery at Fort Knox, KY in 1945-46, and graduated from Lafayette College in 1951. Also in 1951 I was married to Miriam Stiber (after dating her for the previous eight years) and began working with New York Telephone.

    Started out managing small switchboard offices at the end of Long Island (no dial service there yet, so we really knew about "giving service"); moved on to larger dial service offices in NYC; was involved with the conversion of billing from manual to computer; managed the billing process for about one-third of Manhattan; coordinated New York-New England Tel merger into NYNEX; and spent the last 15 years devising, implementing and coordinating the NYNEX long range strategic planning process, eventually retiring in 1987.

    After living in Massapequa, Long Island for my entire working life, we moved to the wonderful Chatauqua town of Mt. Gretna, PA and are now in the nearby Cornwall Manor retirement community. In retirement, both my wife and I have volunteered our services in a variety of ways in community and church. My faith (Christian) and my church (Presbyterian by heritage, Bible and Baptist in recent years) has been and is an important part of my life. In recent years, golf and ping-pong have been my primary competitive outlets.