Thank heaven for Apple Stores...

One of the requirements of my house location is that I must live near an Apple Store.  Whenever I have a question about my Apple computer I simply go online and make an appointment with their "Genius Bar."  Geniuses they are and they always give me a fair deal.  I was there twice in the last two days - one question to learn how to download selected pictures from my granddaughter's computer to my external hard drive and then onto my computer.  This caused a little consternation, but Kelly, the female Genius who helped with the question, was terrific and answered my question in no time.  Today, I was there again because I could not control my cursor - it had a life of its own.  I couldn't even shut my laptop computer down to carry it to the store.  Charles, another Genius, discovered immediately that my 5 year old battery was swollen and bumping up against the cursor bar.  He removed the battery and problem solved.  Of course my laptop is no longer portable but I can always purchase a new battery if lack of portability becomes a problem.  What was the cost of this individual help?  It is FREE!  Apple computers may cost more, but their customer service is invaluable!


    • Douglas Bedell
      Douglas Bedell

      I'm getting the same sort of helpful support online (in speeding up my Mac Mini with its huge accretion of files), though in this instance for a $19 case fee. That's entirely reasonable since my Apple advisor has spent nearly two hours on the phone/online with me already, consulted with Apple engineers on my behalf, and will be finishing up when she returns from a couple of days off. Apple seems to recognize that computers can become especially challenging as they build up use and provides the online support to help with that at a modest fee. That's fair, and appreciated.