Back on the Web, Finally

We're back. Simpy Fair was down for three weeks. Our Internet access was suspended for that long during the Verizon strike because Verizon either accidentally, or someone else on purpose, placed an order for our Internet presence to be taken down. 

In fairness, we can't say more than that because we don't know what actually happened. But it was excruciating not to have access to our own materials, including e-mail, for that long. We called Verizon, but either because of the strike or some other reason, nothing could be done to restore our access. We were referred to our website hosting company and though they tried, they couldn't get a response from Verizon either.

Now the Verizon strike is over, but we have moved on to another Internet provider. It was an excruciating period and it's great to be back. We're habituated now to the Web.