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Recent Fairness Focus Posts

  • Executions.jpg Relatives of murder victims, as well as former judges and corrections officials, are rightfully opposing five federal executions scheduled for the first time in 16 years. - Executions  (11/17/19)

  • Dreamers.jpg The Los Angeles Times (and anyone holding fairness views) is right in arguing that  Dreamers, residents who came to the U.S. with immigrant parents, should not be deported. "It makes no sense to oust the Dreamers from the only country they have ever really known, and to deport them to countries that are not only foreign to them, but where in many cases they don't even speak the language." - Dreamers  (11/17/19)

  • Tax.jpg From Alaska comes a letter to the editor of the Anchorage Daily News with a plea for fairness in taxation - "The system is rigged where the people who benefit the most pay little or nothing." - Taxes  (11/14/19)

  • Signs.jpg Done right, advises the Harvard Business Review,  machine learning, or artificial intelligence, represents an opportunity to present choices clearly and fairly. "Machine learning can help us with these sorts of discussions because it requires us to instruct it in highly precise ways about what sort of outcomes we'll find ethically acceptable." – Machine Learning  (11/7/19)

  • misinformation.jpg The role of journalists in telling the story of our times is crucial and Thomas Patterson, of the Harvard Kennedy School, offers guidance "to avoid being part of the misinformation problem" – of being fair. 1) Telling both sides of a story "breaks down when one side is engaged in lying or deception." 2) "Journalists need to fact-check claims and tell audiences when a newsmaker persists in making false claims."  3)  Avoid the "publish-it-now" impulse by checking material out. - Journalists (11/7/10   

  • Political.jpg "After tracking people's political attitudes and moral foundations, such as fairness and loyalty, over time, researchers found that while morals did not do a good job of predicting a person's future political attitudes, the opposite waw true." – Politics  (11/3/19)

  • Amazon.jpg Fairness over a $10 billion contract. Amazon vs. Microsoft. Trump's finger is on the scale favoring, of course, Microsoft. Amazon's Jeff Bezos owns The Washington Post.– Contract  (11/3/19

  • impeach.jpg The Democrats need to practice fairness in the trump impeachment process. So far that's not the case. - Impeachment (11/3/19) 

  • Internet.jpg At 50, the Internet has proven to be a fairness bonanza.  Ready access to information the world over is a boon to convenience and enlightenment. - Internet  (10/31/19)

  • Athletes.jpg Florida's Gov. Ron DeSantis is right in backing bills in the Florida Legislature that "would allow (student)) athletes to receive endorsements and profit from their images and likeness." It's only fair to experience in college how athletic performance can pay in an era of staggering college costs. - Athletes  (10/31/19)