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Recent Fairness Focus Posts

  • Winners.jpg What's fair can get complicated. Here's a research paper entitled "It's not just how the game is played, it's whether you win or lose.,,Winners were generally more likely to believe that the game was fair, even when the playing field was most heavily tilted in their favor. It's not just how the game is played, it's also whether you win or lose."  – Fairness  (7/17/19)

  • Nurse.jpg It appears that America's access to foreign nurses is being impeded. U.S. hospitals need them, so why is this occurring? Medically speaking, it seems unfair and mistaken. So why is it occurring? – Nurses  (7/17/19) 

  • Heat.jpg During hot summer weather, is a federal law needed to protect workers from heat stress? An Arizona congressman thinks so, and has introduced a bill on the subject. "This is a fairness issue, a worker protection issue." But others think its unnecessary. "OSHA spells it out," says one – Heat  (7/16/19)

  • Voting.jpg Believe it or not, "Associated Press has revealed that hardware used by most election jurisdictions across the US to create ballots, tally votes, and report final counts, actually runs on Windows 7 or sometimes even older operating systems. The problem with this is that Windows 7 will reach its 'end of life' (EOL) stage on January 14, 2020, eleven months prior to the next Presidential election" –Voting  (7/16/19)

  • hospice.jpg NBC News reports that "Hundreds of hospice centers in U.S. get failing grades...Severe complaints were lodged over unsanitary conditions at some facilities, and over patient wounds that were badly treated or not treated at all at others." – Hospice – (7/9/19)

  • LePage.jpg The Mayor of Lewistown, Maine, and a state representative as well, says the state's employers need more workers, "No matter where they were born."  – Workers – (7/9/19) (Photo shows Maine's governor, Paul LePage.)

  • Lordstown.jpg With General Motors shutting down its plant at Lordstown, Ohio, "It may be easy to say it's not fair," says a New York Times post, "but the American economy may not have room for fairness anymore." – Lordstown - (7/9/19)

  • Camps.jpg “We are concerned that overcrowding and prolonged detention represent an immediate risk to the health and safety of DHS agents and officers, and to those detained,” said the report by Jennifer Costello, acting inspector general for the Department of Homeland Security. - Camps  - (7/7/19)

  • teachers.jpg Teachers typically aren't paid enough. "One in six (teachers) has to take a second job to balance their personal books," writes Douglas A. McIntyre on 2417 Wall St., based on findings by Pew Research.  And the Economic PolicyInstitute reports that "teachers make 19% less than people with similar educations." – Teachers –   (7/6/19)  

  • Migrant children.jpg A letter writer to The Seattle Times asks us to "Bear witness to the tragedy of incarcerated migrant children. –  Every day we see images of the misery at the southern border: crying children forcefully separated from their parents, made to sleep on concrete floors and deprived of basic necessities."  Trump says, "Well, they shouldn't have come here." Mr. President, children don't choose to come. - Children –  (7/5/19)