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Recent Fairness Focus Posts

  • UN5SVPDPFUI6RNGY5L3Y2TCUJQ-1.jpg ​A new advocacy group for college athletes has been launched, the College Athlete Advocacy Initiative. "This isn't about going nuclear or blowing up the system," says Grant Newsome, a former Michigan offensive lineman, "but working for fundamental fairness, where athletes can be heard." – College Athletics  (3/18/19)

  • Ethics1.jpg Enlarging on the college admission scandals, David Crary, of the Associated Press, provides a broader fairness warning: "Ethics experts say Americans these days are barraged with accounts of corruption, greed and amoral behavior to the point that many likely wonder, 'Why should I play by the rules?'" - Ethics (3/16/19)  

  • Congerstion.jpg ​Opposition to 'congestion pricing' proposals for New York City's vehicle-crowded streets is raising a fairness issue for New Yorkers who can't afford to drive to work. It's complicated, but traffic on the city's buses, subways, and streets has become a crushing burden. – New York  (3/15/19)  

  • Colleges.jpg College admissions, too, are enduring a fairness scandal "involving alleged test score tampering    and sports coach bribery (that) has thrown into question whether the process by which applicants are evaluated is designed to maintain the status of the nation's gentry." – Colleges  (3/15/19) 

  • Papa-Johns-Foundation-screenshot.jpg ​Papa John's thinks selling pizzas needs to be about fairness along with a host of other business aims and objectives. It's launched a foundation focused on "equality, fairness, respect and opportunity for all." It's the Papa John's Foundation. – Pizza   (3/15/19)

  • Trump.jpg ​We could be showing the Trump administration as a regular adversary of fairness, but there's more to keep up with.  Yet we return to Trump as he proposes  "hundreds of billions of dollars in Medicare and Medicaid  payment cuts." (AP)  The Federation of American Hospitals is calling the proposed cuts   "arbitrary and blunt," adding, "the impact on care for seniors would be devastating."  Budget  (3/12/19)

  • Google.jpg ​​​​Algorithm-powered Google is having trouble with pay fairness between men and women. "The problems Google keeps creating in its quest to mitigate inequality might be because the company's going about this remedial process the wrong way, claim some human resources experts. And the algorithms that determine an employee's pay might be flawed."  Google  (3/11/19) 

  •  Police.jpgPolice are using algorithms to spot crime patterns faster." Police  (3/11/19) "It's much faster than the old method, which involved analysts sifting through reports, racking their brains for details about various crimes and deciding whether they fit into a pattern..." – Police  (3/11/19)

  • DeathP.jpg ​ Ohio points up how the death penalty is unfair and inhumane. "The information we have today suggests people with severe mental illness are more vulnerable to being wrongfully accused and convicted." – Dealth Penalty  ((3/11/19  

  • soccer1.jpg The women of the world-championship U.S. womens' soccer team have filed a lawsuit to be paid as much as male soccer players. "The American lawsuit marks a new front in the battle for equality with the World Cu in France less than three months away." – Soccer  (3/10/19)