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Recent Fairness Focus Posts

  • images.jpg Solitary confinement in prisons is being opposed in New York and, one would hope, elsewhere. "International human rights standards say that solitary confinement beyond 15 days can constitute torture,' certainly not fairness. – Solitary  (5/25/19) 

  • Roundup 2.jpg The Roundup weed killer case, in which a California couple has been awarded $2 billion because they claim Roundup gave them cancer, raises fairness questions as the German company that makes Roundup faces ruin. – Roundup  (1/24/19) 

  • McConnell.jpg Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Shareblue Media reports, "has prevented over 100 bills that have passed in the House from even coming up for a vote. His actions obstruct and ignore legislation that millions of Americans backed by electing a Democratic House majority in 2018." Clearly, there's nothing fair about obstruction for its own sake. – McConnell  (5/21/19)

  • mass-incarceration-.jpg A treatise against mass imprisonment in America – "the civil rights issue of our time...By now, the debate is over: our nation grossly over-incarcerates its people. The United States has less than five percent of the world's population and nearly one-quarter of its prisoners. Astonishingly, if the 2.3 million incarcerated Americans were a state, it would be more populous than 16 other states." - Imprisonment  (5/19/19)

  • electric vehicles.jpg Oil and gas companies are opposing tax credits for purchasing electric vehicles even though they will contribute to cleaner air and healthier living. – Electric Vehicles  (5/19/19)

  • liver surgery.jpg A truly impacted subject, via the Associated Press and The Minneapolis Star Tribune: "New liver transplant rules begin amid fight over fairness". - Transplants   (5/19/19)

  • Trump med. bills.jpg President Trump is calling for an end to "surprise" medical billing in the health-care industry. "The unexpected bills are often high charges from doctors or facilities that are outside an insurer's network, often unbeknown to patients...No family should be blindsided by outrageous medical bills." - Medical Bills - (5/12/19)

  • images.jpg Consider what's been happening to the rule of law in the U.S., advises Krystal Ball in a fairness-prompted commentary. "The financial and political elites destroyed the rule of law and Trump is just partying in the wreckage. For more than 30 years, the uber-wealthy have been rewriting the tax code, feeding at the loophole and subsidy troughs, enjoying preferential capital gains rates, destroying labor unions and bankrupting pension funds..." – Law  (5/12/19)

  • Facebook.png Structure and workaday function of an enterprise – like Facebook or Bank of America – are more important than fairness, until the enterprise gets caught being too unbalanced. – Function  (5/9/19) 

  • Drug prices - 1.jpg A Missouri U.S. senator, Republican Josh Hawley, asks why a widely prescribed blood-thinning drug costs at least 500 percent more in Versailles, Missouri, than in Versailles, France. "That's just wrong," he says. - Drugs  (5/6/19)