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At SimplyFair, you're invited to share experiences you've had of being treated in a manner that was... simply fair or, by regrettable contrast, unfair.

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Ten Latest Experiences:

    • Douglas Bedell

      AT&T and the 'New Age'

      We watched a Netflix movie the other night that reported on how the "New Age" in marketing relationships has arrived. Sadly, AT&T doesn't seem to have gotten the message. There are two AT&T stores hereabouts, but when I went to the closest one to ask about my iPhone bill, the...
      • Douglas Bedell

        Fairness, and Fortitude, at a Genius Bar

        I had a fairness ordeal at the Apple store in Park City, Pa., a while back. After about an hour and a half, two Apple techs at the Genius Bar finally unlocked my Apple ID so I could have full use of my iPhone and iPad Mini. (Apple had locked it upon suspicion of unauthorized use, without calling me...
        • Douglas Bedell

          Culture at a Covered Bridge

          We were part of a tour of covered bridges in Lancaster County, Pa. At one of them, an Amish woman and her daughter came through in their horse-drawn wagon. People in our party waved to them, and a couple of them had cameras. The Amish woman, I at first thought, waved back, but she was actually...
          • Douglas Bedell

            Back on the Web, Finally

            We're back. Simpy Fair was down for three weeks. Our Internet access was suspended for that long during the Verizon strike because Verizon either accidentally, or someone else on purpose, placed an order for our Internet presence to be taken down.  In fairness, we can't say more...
            • Douglas Bedell

              Consider Joining Us

              If you've found Simply Fair on the world wide sea, consider joining our community. Fairness is too important for the sidelines. Don't you agree?  
              • Douglas Bedell

                Seeking the Spotlight, We Can Be Too Far Out

                Fairness is like a trapeze at a circus – how much swing does it have, or should it have? If it goes too far, the artists may miss their targets, their intentions. Everyone wants to be fair, but some swing too far out. Who’s to say how far that is? Maybe a community like those of us...
                • Douglas Bedell

                  Charges for Unsent E-Mails

                  Had an unfortunate experience learning Constant Contract's mode of operation. Perhaps in an excess of zeal, I signed up with Constant Contact to develop an e-mail newsletter to promote SimplyFair.net – cost $85. Not being ready to launch the promotion immediately, however, I let that...
                  • Douglas Bedell

                    Retailers Trifling With Employees' Lives

                    Let's consider what an economy is about – the efficient arrangement of resources, including human ones, to serve people fairly toward worthy ends. That's our view, at least, of what an economy is about. In the context of fairness, efficiency doesn't include treating employees as thumbtacks,...
                    • Douglas Bedell

                      Brain Study Petered Out, Or Has It?

                      In 2008, I joined in what was to be a long-term study of changes in brain function in aging at the Hershey Medical Center (HMC) at Hershey, Pa. Great, I could track how my brain was doing as the years passed. Except that after the first couple of annual MRI tests, I didn't hear from HMC again....
                      • Douglas Bedell

                        Prices Changed on Marketing Whims

                        Two experiences this evening left me feeling that prices are set with sellers thinking, "We'll get what we can and if we get caught, we'll reduce them." At an Office Max store, ink cartridges for my color printer were priced at $70, $20 higher than a nearby Cartridge World store was charging, but...

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