Simply Fair: Call Centers Input

When you dial a company or agency for help, you often find yourself connected to a person at its call center. Presumably, they're there to help, but that function isn't always as well performed as it might be. Or the phone connection to the center isn't as strong as it ought to be. How well have you been treated by a call center lately?

Experiences for this category include:

    • Douglas Bedell

      Fairness, and Fortitude, at a Genius Bar

      I had a fairness ordeal at the Apple store in Park City, Pa., a while back. After about an hour and a half, two Apple techs at the Genius Bar finally unlocked my Apple ID so I could have full use of my iPhone and iPad Mini. (Apple had locked it upon suspicion of unauthorized use, without calling me...
      • Douglas Bedell

        ...Apple's Online Support Excels, Too

        I'm getting the same sort of helpful support online (in speeding up my Mac Mini with its huge accretion of files), though in this instance for a $19 case fee. That's entirely reasonable since my Apple advisor has spent nearly two hours on the phone/online with me already, consulted...
        • Douglas Bedell

          Call Center Employees Need Authority

          Business managements that create telephone banks manned by employees who have little or no range of authority aren't being fair, either to their employees or the customers calling in. We needed a "simple" confirmation-of-membership letter from United Healthcare, which provides our prescription drug...
          • Douglas Bedell

            Electronic Telephoning's 'Reboots'

            What isn't fair is that you hear so often on telephone calls, "Your call will be recorded for quality assurance." Then the line goes dead, and you need to start over. Electronic telephoning is still a poor subsitute for human operators, however efficient corporate folks may consider it. 
            • Douglas Bedell

              Amazon Was Happy to Help

     is now rated by Harris Interactive as having the best reputation among American corporations. I can attest to that. Yesterday, I ordered a Kindle book on Amazon's website but mistakenly charged it to my credit card instead of an Amazon gift card I have. I called Amazon and asked if the...
              • Douglas Bedell

                The Wall Street Journal, Too

                It's not just local newspapers that rely on automation and call centers for customer service; I'm currently having an issue with The Wall Street Journal, too. In the last two weeks, my Journal deliveries have broken down; I've only gotten two papers in two weeks. Okay, anyone can have a problem...
                • Douglas Bedell

                  Newspapers Struggling to Survive?

                  Most signs are that newspapers are struggling to remain in business. But this afternoon, our phone rang with a recorded request from our local newspaper in Lebanon, Pa. "Please hold the line for our representative" it said, you know, one of those calls. Five or six minutes later, after several...
                  • Douglas Bedell

                    Cornered by a Call Center

                    A magazine representative called from a call center to renew my subscription. I said I'd prefer to do it by e-mail on their website, but he said, No, it wouldn't take long and he needed to ask me some questions. I was busy, but reluctantly agreed until, nearly five minutes later, he hadn't finished...