Simply Fair: Fast Food Input

Fast food chains regularly introduce new menu items and tout improvements in their service. They aren't always as appreciated as they might be. From your own recent experiences at counters or drive-up windows, what's your sense of how well fast food vendors are serving customers currently?

Experiences for this category include:

    • Douglas Bedell

      McDonald's Needs to be Attentive to its Foreign Workers

      McDonald's needs to recognize that the people who work for its franchisees are working under its own banner – that is, arches.  McDonald's says it doesn't know how many foreign students its franchisees have working under the U.S. guest worker program. It should, as well as how they're...
      • Dennis Owen

        Treating a Multi-Billion Dollar Corporation Fairly

        By Dennis Owen

        Categories: fast food

        As I walked into my local Starbuck's recently I picked up a Wall Street Journal off the newspaper rack on my way to the counter.  As I was paying for my paper and coffee the young barista thanked me for paying for the newspaper.  I must have looked perplexed because she went on to explain...
        • Douglas Bedell

          Cappuccino for a Missing Coffee

          Heading home from a visit to our son in Maryland, I stopped at a McDonald's and ordered and paid for a coffee. Only then did the counter lady tell me they were out of coffee and would have to brew a new jug of it. She didn't seem flustered, but I was annoyed, wanting to get back on the road....