Simply Fair: Health Care Input

Care by doctors, dentists, nurses and other members of wellness professions is among the most vital of services we receive. This category includes health insurance companies as well. Satisfaction with our care relates to how well we are treated by our providers. How's that been going for you lately?

Experiences for this category include:

    • Douglas Bedell

      Brain Study Petered Out, Or Has It?

      In 2008, I joined in what was to be a long-term study of changes in brain function in aging at the Hershey Medical Center (HMC) at Hershey, Pa. Great, I could track how my brain was doing as the years passed. Except that after the first couple of annual MRI tests, I didn't hear from HMC again....
      • Douglas Bedell

        When an Eye Appointment Could Have Gone Awry

        Went to my "eye doctor's" this afternoon to check on seemingly declining vision. To my surprise, my opthamalogist wasn't there, "just" my optometrist. He said he didn't know why the appointment had been made that way, but there would be no charge for it. He checked my eyes anyway, and discovered...
        • Douglas Bedell

          Retirement Medical Benefit Being Revoked

          I recently learned that the legacy provider of my retirement benefits, FirstEnergy Corp., will be dropping Medicare supplemental health benefits for retirees at the end of 2014. "You can go to an exchange to get them," a spokesman casually told me when I called about it. Retirees on fixed income...
          • Douglas Bedell

            Supplemental Retirement Health Coverage Being Axed

            Learned today that my legacy utility company, FirstEnergy in Akron, Ohio, will be dropping supplemental medical/drug coverage from our monthly retirement benefits at the end of 2014. Got this information from a kindly telephone bank lady, not a mailing from FirstEnergy. It's beyond unfair to...
            • Douglas Bedell

              Bangladesh Amputees Face a Forbidding Future

              The Wall Street Journal, bless it, has a story about how the more than 30 workers who lost limbs when their garment factory collapsed in Bangladesh may be faced with becoming beggars for lack of any way to build on their initial medical care. "If they don't get financial support," says a trade...
              • Douglas Bedell

                Keeping the Lights On (Sensor-Powered)

                Took a family member to a doctor for a colonoscopy today. While I was reading a book as the test was being completed, the ceiling light in the waiting room went out. The attendant in the glassed-in reception area noticed that almost immediately and told me to get up and move around a bit. "The...
                • Douglas Bedell

                  Prescription Inattention

                  Stopped at our drug store to pick up a prescription my wife thought was phoned in by her doctor's office two days ago, when she requested that that be done. The drug store had no record of receiving the prescription. My wife called her doctor's office and found they hadn't phoned it in until 9:50...