Simply Fair: Retailers Input

When you step over to the counter at a department store, or approach a salesperson at a specialty shop with a question, you expect courteous, helpful treatment. Do you have recent examples of how well people in retailing have been doing lately?

Experiences for this category include:

    • Douglas Bedell

      AT&T and the 'New Age'

      We watched a Netflix movie the other night that reported on how the "New Age" in marketing relationships has arrived. Sadly, AT&T doesn't seem to have gotten the message. There are two AT&T stores hereabouts, but when I went to the closest one to ask about my iPhone bill, the...
      • Douglas Bedell

        Charges for Unsent E-Mails

        Had an unfortunate experience learning Constant Contract's mode of operation. Perhaps in an excess of zeal, I signed up with Constant Contact to develop an e-mail newsletter to promote – cost $85. Not being ready to launch the promotion immediately, however, I let that...
        • Douglas Bedell

          Retailers Trifling With Employees' Lives

          Let's consider what an economy is about – the efficient arrangement of resources, including human ones, to serve people fairly toward worthy ends. That's our view, at least, of what an economy is about. In the context of fairness, efficiency doesn't include treating employees as thumbtacks,...
          • Douglas Bedell

            Prices Changed on Marketing Whims

            Two experiences this evening left me feeling that prices are set with sellers thinking, "We'll get what we can and if we get caught, we'll reduce them." At an Office Max store, ink cartridges for my color printer were priced at $70, $20 higher than a nearby Cartridge World store was charging, but...
            • Douglas Bedell

              Making Assumptions About a Busy Store

              Here it is, 24 days before Thanksgiving, mark that date. My wife and I did some shopping today at a Christmas Tree Shop, and I went out to the parking lot to load our bags into the car and drive it over to the store's entrance. We were parked a little farther from the store than usual, but when I...
              • Douglas Bedell

                Credit Card Hassle at a Body Shop

                We needed some rust-removal work on one of the rear fenders of our car. We were going to pay by credit card, since the Lebanon, Pa., auto body shop had its acceptance of credit cards posted on its front door. But when I arrived to pay for the $800-plus in work, the manager advised there would be an...
                • Douglas Bedell

                  At Staples, 'Rebates' to Excuse a High Price

                  Stopped at our local Staples Store today to buy some paper. I picked up two reams of multi-purpose paper from a prominent display and headed for the cashier. "That will be $14.98," she advised me, "$7.49 a ream." That was, I noted, higher than I could remember paying for paper. The cashier replied...
                  • Douglas Bedell

                    Target's Staggered Department Hours

                    I headed over to our Target store yesterday to take advantage of their brief, $200 trade-in offer for my original iPad. I arrived shortly after 10 a.m. to find the store open but its "Target Mobile" department, which sells the iPads, still closed. It wouldn't open until 11, a kindly saleslady...
                    • Douglas Bedell

                      When a 'Warehouse Store' Wins Out

                      Until recently, we had two retail garden centers in our vicinity – a sure enough, traditional garden store and, a few blocks over, the garden department of a Lowe's "warehouse" store. Not surprisingly, though, the Lowe's store evidently put the smaller center out of business, for it's now...
                      • June Gallagher

                        Thank heaven for Apple Stores...

                        One of the requirements of my house location is that I must live near an Apple Store.  Whenever I have a question about my Apple computer I simply go online and make an appointment with their "Genius Bar."  Geniuses they are and they always give me a fair deal.  I was there twice in...
                        • Douglas Bedell

                          Flowers for Sale

                          "Anything else I can do for you?" the checkout lady at our local garden center asked. "I'd like to get a hanging basket, but not at your prices ($40)," I replied. "Maybe they'll go on sale," she answered. That's like selling flowers to the highest bidders, not at an initially fair...
                          • Douglas Bedell

                            Retail Fairness – More Than Rules

                            I bought a new shirt recently at Boscov's department store. It was my correct Large size, but the sleeves were too long. I took it back to exchange for a Medium, but the saleslady couldn't call up my receipt on her computer. A neighboring saleslady advised her to do the transaction "without a...
                            • Douglas Bedell

                              Traipsing Through a Mall

                              I did some shopping today at a big regional shopping mall in Central Pennsylvania –  a central hub court with five store-lined spokes. I was there because I needed to be, but what struck me again about the place is how much planning is necessary to make a quick exit. You need to park...
                              • Dennis Owen

                                Used Auto Dealerships and Fairness

                                Conventional wisdom says used car dealerships are not the most trusted of organizations (though they they do rank higher than the U.S. Congress).  While the verdict is still out in my case, it looks like I can report a positive experience.  My beloved 10-year old GMC Sonoma pickup...
                                • Douglas Bedell

                                  Bangladesh Fire: U.S. Apparel Sellers Need to Insure Safe Factories

                                  By Douglas Bedell

                                  Categories: retailers

                                  It isn't fair for Walmart and other retail clothing outlets to rely, as indicated by Wall Street Journal reporting, on loosely administered systems for insuring that overseas clothing factories are fire-safe.