Simply Fair: Supermarkets Input

We make regular rounds at our food centers; we need well-stocked, effectively organized and operated food markets literally for our survival. The stakes may not have been that high the last time you were in the soup aisle, but how well have you been treated - fairly or unfairly - at your local food store lately?

Experiences for this category include:

    • Douglas Bedell

      Prices Changed on Marketing Whims

      Two experiences this evening left me feeling that prices are set with sellers thinking, "We'll get what we can and if we get caught, we'll reduce them." At an Office Max store, ink cartridges for my color printer were priced at $70, $20 higher than a nearby Cartridge World store was charging, but...
      • Morry Albertson

        A Really Good Employer

        Joe Lueken, a successful businessman in Minnesota, decided not long ago that it was time to retire. His sons didn't want his thriving grocery business, so he could have sold it to someone else and made a huge profit. Instead, he decided to give the business to his employees. The 400...